Wavewalk Delivers for Jeff Glenn

Jeff Glen and owns a house on a lake in Copake, NY. He responded to an ad for Wavewalk Kayaks I had placed in the booklet that was distributed as part of the 100th birthday celebration of the the local library.

I offered Jeff a demo which he accepted. Jeff got in the Wavewalk, paddled about for a minute and them stood up in the kayak and smiled. He seemed impressed but he and his wife Rosina already owned 2 sit-n kayaks, a boat they can pedal and a small sailboat. He would “think about it and get back to me”. That was yesterday.

Today he called and we arranged for delivery this very afternoon. I brought the Wavewalk, we went over the basics and again Jeff went off for a few minutes and returned paddling standing up. We shook hands and I left someone whom I thought was a very happy customer.

45 minutes after I returned home my phone rang. “Hello Michael? This is Jeff”. Well, I immediately wondered if this is good news or bad news. “Hi Jeff, how’s it going?”

Jeff said, “I just went out in my W500 with my fly rod and within 20 minutes I landed a 14 inch largemouth bass!

“Wow” I said, “that’s great”. Of course I was both thrilled for his success and relieved that he wasn’t calling immediately after delivery to tell me there was some kind of a problem!

“You don’t understand” he said,’Nobody catches bass on this lake on a fly rod!.”

“Can I  put this story on my website?” I asked. “Sure” he said, “it must be that amazing yellow color that attracted them! ”

I have a new client who, though experienced with kayaking, is thrilled to have found a truly great fishing kayak at last. And that is thrill enough for me.

This is a blog post with no photos, but I think it paints a beautiful picture of Wavewalks and the experience of owning one.

Thanks Jeff, for sharing your story. Your success made my day.

Where Are the Bass?

The weather has been crazy this summer and cut my fishing time in half. Still, I’ve had a few very fine days out on the water, as you can see in the video below.

My Wavewalk fishing kayak let’s me pursue the bass no matter how thick the vegetation gets.

Nice Job Diane!


Ernie and Diane Balch recently took delivery on a W500. When they told me they were in the sign (Ernie) and Promotions (Diane) Business in upstate New York I immediately asked if they could make me a decal for my Wavewalk. Here it is (one on each side). 


Now when people ask “What kind of boat is that?” I can stop spelling it out for them. Perfect!

Thanks Diane. If anyone would like a set for their W500 you can reach Diane at balchsigns.com.

Extended Family

Here are a few photos of Ernie, the latest customer for New York Fishing Kayaks, gliding along on a scenic waterway near Saratoga Lake, NY. Ernie and his wife already have several power boats, canoes and kayaks, but he test paddled a Wavewalk and took it home that same day.ernie wavewalk1

Because Ernie is a big guy he knew he should add saddle brackets, which he did. But he didn’t buy them, he made them himself. This is well within his ability as Ernie is a professional sign maker (Balchsigns.com) with CNC equipment and expertise in fabrication.

It’s hard to see in the pictures but his fishing crate and attached bungee are color-matched to his Wavewalk. Later he plans to add a custom paint job and various other modifications. I expect they will be outstanding!

Ernie wavewalk2

His first words of feedback after using it for 3 days were: “Not wet footing is nice”. I think this will mean even more when the water temperatures drop this fall and are in the 40’s next spring.

Photos were taken by his wife, Diane who handles the decal, lettering and promotional products side of the business.