Multi-Kayak Transportation Solution (with How-To Photos)

Diane and Ernie Balch are serious kayakers and serious Wavewalk fans. They bought their first Wavewalk, a W500, for Ernie. He discovered that it really wasn’t adequate for his frame so he gave it to his wife who became a real fan.

When the W700 came out last fall Ernie was among the very first to try it and then buy it. You can see the video of his test paddle here.

This May they booked a vacation at Hatteras Island, North Carolina to visit their daughter and grandkids and naturally wanted to take their Wavewalks with them. Here is a video of a unique side-loader Ernie built to help them deal with 2 kayaks and a truck that is seven feet tall!

W700 and W500 , ready to travel!
5 Family members in 2 Wavewalks.
5 Family members in 2 Wavewalks at Hatteras Island.

Here is Diane with one of her grandchildren in her W500. Ahead of her and hidden by the tree are Ernie and Diane’s daughter and her husband with another grandchild on board. You can’t really see the W700 up ahead but you can see the 2 paddles sticking out from behind the tree.

In case you want a rack like his, Ernie was kind enough to share pictures of how he built it. It detaches easily and even breaks down to fit easily inside the vehicle. After all this, Ernie concluded his emails to me with “I need another vacation!”.

IMG_0452 IMG_0451 IMG_0450 IMG_0449 IMG_0448 IMG_0447

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