The Wavewalk S4

The Wavewalk S4 is unique as a kayak and as a portable boat. It offers the advantages of both, plus much more, in versatility terms, namely the number of usages, and in terms of performance, ranging from unrivaled stability by size and load capacity by weight, to top seaworthiness and high speed –

The S4 weighs 98 lbs without a motor. It’s 13 ft long and 38 in wide, and its load capacity is 650 lbs. In other words, it can carry an outboard motor and three full size adult passengers on board.
When motorized, the S4 can reach speeds approaching 20 mph, and go in rough water.

The S4 offshore in the chop –

An S4 powered by a 5 HP outboard vs. an S4 powered by a 10 HP motor –

Launch, fish, and beach anywhere –

The world’s fastest kayak –


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