Capacity, Christmas, Kids and Crates

Vermont duck hunter Bob Glandon called me yesterday to discuss how he had motorized his W500 and to see if I had any suggestions. Bob is a pretty smart guy so, other than the advantages of using a u-joint extension tiller, I really wasn’t able to offer much in terms of changes.

Not surprisingly, a discussion of boating conditions included the weather which led to how warm this past winter had been in the Northeast. I mentioned I saw people in shorts playing golf on Christmas Day on my way to Syracuse, NY. That reminded Bob that he had a taken a photo of his grandchildren, 4 of them in his W500 all at once, on the lake in Vermont on Christmas Day!

I asked if I could publish it and here it is:

4 Kids in a W500-Glandon
Christmas Day in a W500 in Vermont!

Whenever I see videos and articles about how you can add a crate to an ordinary fishing kayak I always ask myself: “If these ordinary kayaks are supposed to be so big and so roomy, why do they need crates for storage?”. They do because they are not.

If you are looking for a kayak (for hunting, fishing, photography, camping, etc) that has serious capacity, and still weighs only 6o pounds, you may want to consider a Wavewalk. Oh, and as far as stability goes, what other kayak would you put 4 of your grandchildren in?

Thanks for sharing, Bob.

First time in a W700 Fishing Kayak!

Tim Fish from Massachusetts spent over 2 years looking for a fishing kayak. He owns boats and canoes but wanted something that would be easier to transport and launch. And most importantly, that he could stand and fly-cast from with complete confidence.

Watch the video to see what he discovered.

The Best Fishing Kayaks and Car-Top Boats

Hello and welcome. My name is Michael Chesloff and I am the Wavewalk dealer for the Greater Albany region and the surrounding areas in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Northern New Jersey.


Are looking for a kayak or boat that is incredibly stable, lightweight and, above all, comfortable? One that is both a pleasure to paddle and can also be motorized? And one that eliminates the need for a trailer no matter what kind of vehicle you drive?
Wavewalk’s kayaks and car-top boats provide all of this and much more. You owe it to yourself to compare them to any other products out there.
Detailed specifications, technical articles and thousands of pictures, videos and user stories, along with standard pricing, are available at the manufacturer’s site- Wavewalk.Com
When you are ready, give me a call to answer your questions and discuss your requirements. Then you can schedule a visit where you can inspect, evaluate and/or test-paddle the unmatched performance provided by Wavewalk’s amazing, patented, catamaran design.
My journey to discovering the value of a Wavewalk can be seen by clicking on the “All my other boats” link at the top of this page. My blog of my own and my customers’ fishing stories begins below.
I look forward to hearing from you,


Winter Pictures from 2 clients

Despite the warmest and most snow-barren winter on record we still have to wait for spring to get out on the water. Still, I received these photos and comments from 2 very happy upstate New York customers.

Rob Nilson's RigRob Nilson got a W500 because his knee problems made it impossible to fish from ordinary kayaks. He sent me this photo with the following message: "Yes, it's a great boat - this pic was last year at 7th. Lake outside of Inlet,NY. The boat seat is just a little to low. After a while my knees hurt. The chair is perfect & comfortable! Gets a lot of remarks too."
An Invisible Kayak?
An Invisible Kayak?

It took me a few minutes before I could find the W500 in this photo from duck hunter Bob Glandon. His comment on the Wavewalk: “Camo cloth for duck hunting. Worked well– just not my aim. Very solid for shooting from seated position. Had a dozen decoys in the hulls. Very comfy. Just wish my aim was as high quality as the boat!”


The video says it all, though it is mostly silent! Keep the volume up so you can hear Ernie’s brief comments about himself and his wife, Diane.

If you are a big guy, even a very big guy, the W700 will allow you to paddle and fish standing up in complete confidence! And if you are small you can still paddle this 80 pound wonder with ease.

With a total capacity of 580 pounds, it instantly changes from a single user to a true tandem kayak… just add 1 extra paddler and 1 extra paddle!

Stable beyond your dreams, ready for a 3.5 horsepower outboard motor (motor mounts available separately) and easy for one person to car top, the W700 is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Learn more at WWW.WAVEWALK.COM

Fishing from my Wavewalk in the First Week of Summer – Part 3 of 3

The remainder of the first week was spent in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Cape is rich with small lakes and ponds which just don’t seem to get much fishing pressure, perhaps because most people are focused on the salt water.

I stayed inland and pursued the bass.  All week I was catching 2, 3 and 4 pounders. The fishing was just astounding as the bass smashed Wacky Worms and Frog Imitations in water that was often less than 6 inches deep.

First, a few shots of the typical catch that week:

A 3 Pounder in the Weeds
A 3 Pounder in the Weeds
A 17 Incher
A 17 Incher


A really fat beauty!
A really fat beauty!

Then there were the 2 outstanding fish. First, the unusual:

What do we see here?!
What do we see here?!
A tug on the "tongue" and we get the picture.
A tug on the “tongue” and we get the picture.
She still had an appetite for a Wacky Worm!
She still had an appetite for a Wacky Worm!


Maybe we should all be using bigger lures?
Maybe we should all be using bigger lures?

Then came the fish of summer…

This was a big, big largemouth.
This was a big, big largemouth.


The "tale of the tape" says a fraction over 22 inches!
The “tale of the tape” says a fraction over 22 inches!


And here is the nose to tail. The with of the measuring board is 5 inches. She hangs over both top and bottom!
And here is the nose to tail shot. The width of the measuring board is 5 inches. She hangs over both top and bottom!

I estimate this monster weighed between 5 1/2 and 6 pounds. Best week of fishing I’ve ever had. All the bass were released unharmed.

Use Your Noodle(s)

Among the Wavewalk modifications I considered over this extended Northeast winter was an alternative way to install floatation in my W500 kayak. This article explains a new approach that I think many of you may want to implement.

Foam “pool noodles” have proven themselves to be a very good solution in many ways. They are extremely buoyant, virtually rot-proof and highly flexible. And available in a wide variety of colors! Attaching 2 is standard on all W500s and more can be added as an option, either by a dealer, factory direct or by Wavewalk owners themselves.

Installation is typically done in one of two ways, both using bungee cord threaded through the center of the noodle. First is to attach them on the outside of the kayak running along the and just below the gunnel. The other approach is to bungee them to the “ceiling” of the kayak’s underside which is, in fact, the underside of the saddle. This is the method I have used (with 4 noodles) until now.

It is important to remember that the purpose of the floatation is to aid in recovery of a swamped boat and not to increase the load-capacity. As a result, where they are attached is a matter of personal preference, as long as the connections are secure.

As you can see in the pictures, this new approach is remarkably simple. Each noodle is positioned inside the kayak, under the gunnel. The noodles are barely wider than the flared edge of the gunnel so they protrude into the passenger compartment by only about 1/2 inch. 4 noodles (2 per side) will fit easily as the hulls are over 11 feet long and the noodles are each about 5 feet. Fixing them in to the kayak is even easier than the traditional way. For each noodle you simply make 2 holes along the gunnel, each hole just wide enough to accommodate the zip-ties.

The noodles will droop slightly at the unsupported ends which extend into the hulls, but really has no negative effect other than cosmetic. If you want the noodles to stay straight and tight to the top of the hull, just insert a narrow wooden dowel into the noodle prior to installation.

If you want even more floatation you can take 4 additional noodles, cut each into 3 pieces and bundle them together with waterproof twine. Then you extend the dowel so it is halfway in the zip-tied noodle and halfway inside one piece of your noodle bundle. No additional attachment points are needed.

Top view of noodle installation
Top view of noodle installation


Side view
Side view
Detail of noodle extended into hull with slight droop
Detail of noodle extended into hull with slight droop. Note that it fits even with flush-mount rod holders (and saddle brackets)
"Bundled" noodle attached, supported by a dowel and hidden in hull
“Bundled” noodle attached, supported by a dowel and hidden in hull. Dark object is connector for Motor Mount.


Previous installation of 4 noodles underneath and between the hulls.
Previous installation of 4 noodles underneath and between the hulls.

I believe this approach offers a number of benefits:

  • The noodles are out of the way and almost invisible (a slight exaggeration).
  • They are completely protected from water damage as they are shielded from the rain and in the case of under-saddle installation, from splashing.
  • Any water that may reach them will quickly drip away.
  • They are protected from the wind and rain during transport so there is no stress on the mounting system.
  • Wind resistance while car-topping is reduced because they are inside the kayak.
  • Up to 8 noodles can be installed with almost no impact on internal storage.
  • You now have a comfortable, cushioned handhold whenever you grab the gunnel to lift, load, unload or move the boat.

I was concerned that they might interfere with draining the W500 but, it is not an issue. When the boat is flipped over to empty any water that may have gotten in (rain has been the only time for me) the noodles leave the gunnel channels unobstructed so the water can flow to the 3 drainage holes at each end of the kayak.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Kayak Fishing on Queechy Lake with Al Lunn

I get a chance to go fishing with life-long fisherman Al Lunn from New York in his new Wavewalk fishing kayak. The day was very windy even though it doesn’t look like it in the movie because we kept moving to protected areas. Despite the wind, Al stood and cast from his W500 like it was second nature.

View to the end to see Al conquer car-topping a kayak. (Best viewed @720P)

Wavewalk Delivers for Jeff Glenn

Jeff Glen and owns a house on a lake in Copake, NY. He responded to an ad for Wavewalk Kayaks I had placed in the booklet that was distributed as part of the 100th birthday celebration of the the local library.

I offered Jeff a demo which he accepted. Jeff got in the Wavewalk, paddled about for a minute and them stood up in the kayak and smiled. He seemed impressed but he and his wife Rosina already owned 2 sit-n kayaks, a boat they can pedal and a small sailboat. He would “think about it and get back to me”. That was yesterday.

Today he called and we arranged for delivery this very afternoon. I brought the Wavewalk, we went over the basics and again Jeff went off for a few minutes and returned paddling standing up. We shook hands and I left someone whom I thought was a very happy customer.

45 minutes after I returned home my phone rang. “Hello Michael? This is Jeff”. Well, I immediately wondered if this is good news or bad news. “Hi Jeff, how’s it going?”

Jeff said, “I just went out in my W500 with my fly rod and within 20 minutes I landed a 14 inch largemouth bass!

“Wow” I said, “that’s great”. Of course I was both thrilled for his success and relieved that he wasn’t calling immediately after delivery to tell me there was some kind of a problem!

“You don’t understand” he said,’Nobody catches bass on this lake on a fly rod!.”

“Can I  put this story on my website?” I asked. “Sure” he said, “it must be that amazing yellow color that attracted them! ”

I have a new client who, though experienced with kayaking, is thrilled to have found a truly great fishing kayak at last. And that is thrill enough for me.

This is a blog post with no photos, but I think it paints a beautiful picture of Wavewalks and the experience of owning one.

Thanks Jeff, for sharing your story. Your success made my day.

Extended Family

Here are a few photos of Ernie, the latest customer for New York Fishing Kayaks, gliding along on a scenic waterway near Saratoga Lake, NY. Ernie and his wife already have several power boats, canoes and kayaks, but he test paddled a Wavewalk and took it home that same day.ernie wavewalk1

Because Ernie is a big guy he knew he should add saddle brackets, which he did. But he didn’t buy them, he made them himself. This is well within his ability as Ernie is a professional sign maker ( with CNC equipment and expertise in fabrication.

It’s hard to see in the pictures but his fishing crate and attached bungee are color-matched to his Wavewalk. Later he plans to add a custom paint job and various other modifications. I expect they will be outstanding!

Ernie wavewalk2

His first words of feedback after using it for 3 days were: “Not wet footing is nice”. I think this will mean even more when the water temperatures drop this fall and are in the 40’s next spring.

Photos were taken by his wife, Diane who handles the decal, lettering and promotional products side of the business.