First time in a W700 Fishing Kayak!

Tim Fish from Massachusetts spent over 2 years looking for a fishing kayak. He owns boats and canoes but wanted something that would be easier to transport and launch. And most importantly, that he could stand and fly-cast from with complete confidence.

Watch the video to see what he discovered.

The Best Fishing Kayaks and Car-Top Boats

Hello and welcome. My name is Michael Chesloff and I am the Wavewalk dealer for the Greater Albany region and the surrounding areas in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Northern New Jersey.


Are looking for a kayak or boat that is incredibly stable, lightweight and, above all, comfortable? One that is both a pleasure to paddle and can also be motorized? And one that eliminates the need for a trailer no matter what kind of vehicle you drive?
Wavewalk’s kayaks and car-top boats provide all of this and much more. You owe it to yourself to compare them to any other products out there.
Detailed specifications, technical articles and thousands of pictures, videos and user stories, along with standard pricing, are available at the manufacturer’s site- Wavewalk.Com
When you are ready, give me a call to answer your questions and discuss your requirements. Then you can schedule a visit where you can inspect, evaluate and/or test-paddle the unmatched performance provided by Wavewalk’s amazing, patented, catamaran design.
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The video says it all, though it is mostly silent! Keep the volume up so you can hear Ernie’s brief comments about himself and his wife, Diane.

If you are a big guy, even a very big guy, the W700 will allow you to paddle and fish standing up in complete confidence! And if you are small you can still paddle this 80 pound wonder with ease.

With a total capacity of 580 pounds, it instantly changes from a single user to a true tandem kayak… just add 1 extra paddler and 1 extra paddle!

Stable beyond your dreams, ready for a 3.5 horsepower outboard motor (motor mounts available separately) and easy for one person to car top, the W700 is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Learn more at WWW.WAVEWALK.COM

Heaviest Pickerel Ever!

I got out for a short while to a nearby lake. Overall, the fishing was just okay until I hooked into this beauty:

Wavewalk Action Cam Bass Fishing Video

I used a Sony video camera mounted to a baseball cap (hat cam) to capture a wider view of the experience of fishing from a W500.

Fishing from my Wavewalk in the First Week of Summer – Part 3 of 3

The remainder of the first week was spent in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Cape is rich with small lakes and ponds which just don’t seem to get much fishing pressure, perhaps because most people are focused on the salt water.

I stayed inland and pursued the bass.  All week I was catching 2, 3 and 4 pounders. The fishing was just astounding as the bass smashed Wacky Worms and Frog Imitations in water that was often less than 6 inches deep.

First, a few shots of the typical catch that week:

A 3 Pounder in the Weeds
A 3 Pounder in the Weeds
A 17 Incher
A 17 Incher


A really fat beauty!
A really fat beauty!

Then there were the 2 outstanding fish. First, the unusual:

What do we see here?!
What do we see here?!
A tug on the "tongue" and we get the picture.
A tug on the “tongue” and we get the picture.
She still had an appetite for a Wacky Worm!
She still had an appetite for a Wacky Worm!


Maybe we should all be using bigger lures?
Maybe we should all be using bigger lures?

Then came the fish of summer…

This was a big, big largemouth.
This was a big, big largemouth.


The "tale of the tape" says a fraction over 22 inches!
The “tale of the tape” says a fraction over 22 inches!


And here is the nose to tail. The with of the measuring board is 5 inches. She hangs over both top and bottom!
And here is the nose to tail shot. The width of the measuring board is 5 inches. She hangs over both top and bottom!

I estimate this monster weighed between 5 1/2 and 6 pounds. Best week of fishing I’ve ever had. All the bass were released unharmed.

The Season Wanes

Early Fall
Early Fall

As you can see from the picture above we are almost at the end of the fishing season in  Northeastern New York. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world to watch the seasons change.




I try to fish whenever responsibilities and the weather allow. I got out today for a few hours and landed exactly 3 fish… the 12 inch, 13 inch and 17 inch largemouths you see here.


2 Hours on Rudd Pond

Didn’t have much time today to fish but luckily I live fairly close to an excellent pond.

The bass were fun but unremarkable. The pickerel was pretty nice. The crappie though, was the larges I’ve ever caught.

First fish of the morning.
First fish of the morning.
Chunker with Salad
Chunker with Salad
Looks like a smallie, but it isn't
Looks like a smallie, but it isn’t
Small bass, beautiful day.
Small bass, beautiful day.
18 inches of "freshwater barracuda".
18 inches of “freshwater barracuda”.
11 inch crappie!
11 inch crappie!

Kayak Fishing on Queechy Lake with Al Lunn

I get a chance to go fishing with life-long fisherman Al Lunn from New York in his new Wavewalk fishing kayak. The day was very windy even though it doesn’t look like it in the movie because we kept moving to protected areas. Despite the wind, Al stood and cast from his W500 like it was second nature.

View to the end to see Al conquer car-topping a kayak. (Best viewed @720P)

Back Support in a Wavewalk

Once I get out on the water to fish, I want to stay as long as I can. Wavewalk owners agree that our kayaks are far more comfortable than any traditional SIK (Sit-in, or as I call them “Stuck-in”) or SOT (Sit-on-Top, or as I think of them “Soggy-On-Top”) models. This is because you are liberated from the “L-position” they impose. We’ll talk about how a Wavewalk keeps you bone-dry in another article.

Nonetheless, after 4 or 5 hours, it would be wonderful to have a chance to sit back in a comfy chair with full back support and maybe some armrests for your weary casting arm. To this end, many Wavewalkers have discovered that inexpensive plastic lawn chairs (both regular and Adirondack-style) fit perfectly in a W500.

As great as this is, there are a few annoyances as well. First, the chair is bulky to transport. Not a big deal but it is one more thing to stuff into the car. More importantly, once placed in the W500, the legs block access to whatever items are stored in the twin hulls that may be either under or behind the chair.

Below is a simple project that makes it a delight to spend 8 or more continuous hours on the water, as I had the chance to do this past weekend. That allowed me to land more than 30 largemouth bass and 35 pickerel in a single outing. Thank you Wavewalk! Here is a modification that is simple, inexpensive and extraordinarily comfortable

Inexpensive chair, standing on W500 gunwales

Same chair, with its feet on the hull floors

Close-up of legs

Same chair, legs removed and 2 strips of 1/2 inch foam attached

LeglessChair in Boat
Legless chair at rear of cockpit

Legless chair moved to center of saddle

To my surprise, the legless chair will not move an inch once you are seated. This means that you can relocate yourself at any time just as you can with no chair. And without the legs the chair is easy to transport, easier to put in and remove, and the lack of legs means total access to your gear. And while the Adirondack models have imposing arms, the type of chair pictured allows you complete freedom to paddle while seated in the lap fo luxury.

2 footnotes. First, I don’t bother with the chair unless I expect to be out for more than 4-5 hours as the Wavewalk lets me stand, stretch, change position and lay flat at any time. Second, the paint just sprays on, but it does scrape off fairly easily. I am searching for a $10 yellow version!

This has proven to be one of the best “mods” to my Wavewalk.