2 New Rigging Ideas from Ernie Balch

Ernie and Diane are enthusiastic Wavewalk owners in upstate New York. Below are photos of two modifications they sent in that you may find useful.

The first one is very simple. Just cut a slit in a pool noodle section and slip it over your saddle bracket. Eliminates the hard edge and provides a nice headrest when you want to take a nap.   I immediately implemented this on my own W500. I cut the noodle a little longer than the cockpit is wide to secure it under the gunnels.

Balch Saddle Bracket Cushion

The other mod is this very clever rod-holder system which you can see in both photos. It moves them from their typical location on the rear hulls to being in front of the angler for easier and instant access. The platform can be installed permanently or with j-hooks and wing nuts to allow repositioning and removal when you don’t need them. It also provides a useful work platform to hold other gear. Nice work Ernie!

Balch Rod Holder