Wavewalk Action Cam Bass Fishing Video

I used a Sony video camera mounted to a baseball cap (hat cam) to capture a wider view of the experience of fishing from a W500.

Sonar in a Kayak (Redux)

In 2012 I installed a transducer in my W500 using the excellent method suggested by John Fabina, of Brew City Kayaks, a Wavewalk dealer in Wisconsin.

The system has worked very well but I didn’t like the way it looked.

The materials are very simple; some plastic foam (I used a slice of a large pool noodle), a section from a plastic food container and the ever-reliable duct seal. Note that you must use duct seal and not plumber’s putty.

For an even nicer look I will probably replace the ring from the yoghurt container with something like a slice of PVC pipe. The ring is the perfect moat to hold the 2 tablespoons of water needed to “see” through the hull.

The pictures tell the story.

Transducer Mount Redux433 Transducer Mount Redux434 Transducer Mount Redux435 Transducer Mount Redux436 Transducer Mount Redux437 Transducer Mount Redux438 Transducer Mount Redux439 Transducer Mount Redux440 Transducer Mount Redux441 Transducer Mount Redux442 Transducer Mount Redux443 Transducer Mount Redux444 Transducer Mount Redux445


Where Are the Bass?

The weather has been crazy this summer and cut my fishing time in half. Still, I’ve had a few very fine days out on the water, as you can see in the video below.

My Wavewalk fishing kayak let’s me pursue the bass no matter how thick the vegetation gets.

Action Shots, including some underwater footage

This video represents an 8-hour fishing trip in Sheffield, Massachusetts. Both the weather and the fishing made it a truly spectacular day.